Learn to Cope With Your Lung Condition

The Better Breathers Club of Williamsville, NY can help you breathe better

Cardio Physical Therapy, PLLC of Williamsville, NY is here to help with all of your heart and lung issues. Created by the American Lung Association, the Better Breathers Club is a respiratory support group for those who are living with lung and breathing challenges. Our in-person, adult meetings give you the tools you need to live a happy and healthy life.

We support patients with lung issues, such as:

Pulmonary fibrosis
Lung cancer

The Better Breathers Club offers a fun and stimulating combination of guest speakers, problem-solving discussions and social activities. Join us today to start breathing better.

We're here for loved ones too

Not only does the Better Breathers Club help those with respiratory challenges, we offer support and guidance to people who live and work with those who have lung issues. Our trained facilitators can help you navigate the disease of your loved one so that you can offer the best support possible.

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