How can a Pulmonary Program Help?

Patients that are diagnosed with chronic pulmonary disease can be left with many questions. Pts with pulmonary fibrosis and COPD for instance are told that their condition doesn't get any better. What many do not know is that this does not corelate with peoples ability to function.

How can breathing techniques help? Learning how to breath the right way will improve shortness of breath recovery, lowers your heart rate, and triggers your nervous system to help calm you down.

How can pulmonary rehab help? A good pulmonary program will reduce symptoms, and shortness of breath, improve exercise capacity and improve tolerance of activities, reduces hospital stays longevity and improve overall quality of life.

Can't I just exercise on my own? Pulmonary programs will prescribe the right exercise progression suitable for your condition. Learning how to breath along with exercise while monitoring you oxygen level, heart rate and blood pressure are detrimental to a successful outcome.