Work One-on-One With a Physical Therapist

Discover our maintenance membership services in Williamsville, NY

Want to maintain your health level after an injury, but need a more specialized program than most gyms offer? Then our maintenance membership service is the right option for you.

This package includes a program that is designed to improve your fitness without skilled therapy intervention. This is a step usually following a physical therapy program and requires the assistance of our staff to guide you through an exercise regiment. This program can often be grouped with other clients and is not covered by insurance. If someone does not require physical therapy however is interested in a guided exercise program then this is the level of care that is recommended.

Cardio Physical Therapy PLLC offers a wellness membership program that includes complete access to exercise equipment during open hours. You can even choose your preferred payment option, such as:

  • $90 per month
  • $486 for six months
  • $918 for one year
You'll have everything you need at our facility in Williamsville, NY. Call 716-650-0590 to learn more about our guided fitness maintenance program.

Learn about our program rules

Our maintenance membership service comes with several rules that members should be aware of before signing on. These include:

  • Membership fees are to be paid in full and before the start of the program. These fees are not based upon use and therefore will not be prorated and are non-refundable. Insurance carriers do not routinely cover these fees. However, you can attempt to seek reimbursement, and we will provide a receipt upon full payment.
  • Children are not permitted in the clinic, even while the member is using the facility.
  • You may not arrive later than one hour before closing, and the facility may close at any time at the discretion of the therapist on site.
  • Cardio Physical Therapy PLLC and Ken Kurtz & Associates are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items,
  • Top priority is given to the patients currently undergoing physical therapy and therefore, members are subject to waiting until a machine is available or may be asked to not use the machine until it becomes available again.
  • Participation in the wellness program is considered to be voluntary and independent, therefore, use of the equipment is at the risk of the participant. All responsibility for safe use is that of the participant.
  • All participants are expected to keep the gym, shower and locker room facility clean. Failure to meet this requirement may result in a non-refundable suspension of membership.
  • Participants agree to recognize and not exceed their exercise limitations.
Please note all participants should recognize the potential risk of injury or aggravation of a previous injury. To sign up for our guided fitness maintenance program, reach out to us now.