Breathe Better With Help From a Physical Therapist

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Do you live with a chronic lung disease like COPD or pulmonary fibrosis? Do you have Lung Cancer? Do you have bad asthma or lung damage from smoking? Cardio Physical Therapy PLLC offers pulmonary physical therapy in Williamsville, NY so you can become aware and educated about managing your condition.

We'll work closely with you to...

  • Increase your strength and endurance with exercises
  • Teach techniques for improving respiration
  • Educate you on risk factors relating to your condition
  • Manage your diet, stress levels and medication
Our pulmonary rehabilitation center is here to help you live your best lifestyle while reducing your need for hospital visits. Connect with us today to get started.

What to expect during your evaluation

Before you can start pulmonary physical therapy at Cardio Physical Therapy, you must undergo an evaluation so we can assess your condition. Our physical therapist will ask you questions about your quality of life, family history and personal medical history. We'll be sure to listen in on your heart and lungs, while also testing your strength and function.

For a swift and seamless evaluation process, consider coming to our pulmonary rehabilitation center in Williamsville, NY.