Wellness Membership

Maintain Your Current Function Level

Explore our maintenance membership services in Williamsville, NY

Once you no longer need one-on-one sessions with a physical therapist, you're ready to move on to your own fitness program. That's what our maintenance membership service is for. Cardio Physical Therapy PLLC offers a wellness package that helps people of all ages improve their overall fitness level. No matter what type of injury or health condition you're recovering from, our wellness program in Williamsville, NY is the way to go.

This includes access to the facility and exercise equipment within the facility at the hours of operation. You must be completely independent with your exercises and capable of managing the setup and use of the machines and equipment. If at any time you do not feel secure with a particular exercise then please wait until you can speak with one of the therapists in the clinic. Payment will be received at the beginning of each month.

Want to find out more about our fitness membership? You can call 716-650-0590 today to speak with one of our physical therapists.

Learn more about what our membership entails

Before you sign up for our fitness membership, there are a few details you should be aware of. These include:

  • Each session is $85
  • You will be billed if you fail to cancel a session
  • Our wellness package includes 10 sessions for $800
  • You are responsible for getting on and off the equipment independently
  • Appointments need to be scheduled ahead of time with your therapist
You can sign up for our wellness membership service when you reach out to us today.